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Launch Week Highlights

We were excited to welcome Cohort One to Boulder this summer for our first Launch Week. The week was filled with opportunities to build relationships with operators, the ReSeed team, industry leaders, and key investors.

Announcing ReSeed Cohort One

Cohort One includes eight partnerships with operators focused on acquiring sub-institutional multifamily assets in 19 geographically diverse markets across the US.

Why Barbara Corcoran’s Son, Tom Higgins, Went Against Her Investing Advice

You’ve seen Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, heard of her unbelievable real estate deals that make millions of dollars, and might own a product or two that she’s invested in.

Moses & Rhett on The FORT Podcast

Moses Kagan and Rhett Bennett, two of ReSeed’s co-founders, recently appeared on The FORT Podcast with Chris Powers to dig deeper into ReSeed’s business model, partnerships with operators, and ambitions for the future.

How to Invest in Smaller Multi-Family for Maximum Returns

Dive deep into the world of real estate with Tom Higgins, the co-founder and managing partner of Terra Capital, the mastermind behind the renovation of a whopping 2,000+ multi-family units across the US!

The Midwest Multifamily Renissance! W/ Ray Heimann

On today's episode of Ritter On Real Estate, we chat with Ray Heimann. Ray is a real estate investor and co-founder of Terra Capital, an investment firm that focuses on turning small, outdated residential real estate assets into scaled, turnkey

REIA 332 Thomas Higgins: The Secrete to Investing in Mini-Multi!

Unlock Your Full Financial Potential!  This Inspiring Show Empowers Fulfilled Professionals to Substantially Enhance their Financial Well-being through Passive Real Estate Investing.

WS 1725 Managing 18 Multi – Family Deep Rehabs At The Same Time | Tom Higgins

Prepare yourselves for an enlightening episode as we engage in an insightful conversation with Tom Higgins, the co-founder and managing partner of Terra Capital.

EP64: Mini Multifamily Investing with Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins shares his expertise in making wise decisions and staying grounded in this episode of the I Own It Podcast. He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Terra Capital, focusing on investment strategies that deliver outsized private capital returns

270: There’s Great Opportunity With 2 – 15 Unit Multifamily Buildings

In the world of multifamily, few operators are scaling with 2-15 unit buildings. These are too large for most ma and pa operators and too small for larger syndicators.