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Month: May 2023

Balancing Coast to Coast: How Ray Heimann Manages Investments in New York and the Midwest – EP346

Ray Heimann is a private equity professional with deep experience in acquisitions strategy, deal structuring, and portfolio management.

Exploring The Four/Five Unit Divide in Multifamily Real Estate

Before the 20th century, the majority of real estate offerings were either single-family homes or small apartment buildings, with little to no distinction between commercial and residential properties.

Mini Multifamily mastery with Ray Heimann

Welcome to the Cash Flow Project podcast, the go-to resource for investors seeking to generate income through multifamily real estate.

SA684 | Analysis-Based Property Renovation Strategies with Tom Higgins

Today's conversation is with Tom Higgins, and we will talk about his extensive experience in property renovation, particularly in aged assets and demographically targeted growth areas.