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About Us

There are two key disconnects in the real estate world:

  1. Investment shops want large scale, stabilized, high-yield assets BUT there are only so many large properties in any given market, they rarely trade, and take 5+ years to develop ground-up
  2. Great markets across the US have a sea of small-to-mid sized assets with significant value-add potential

BUT nobody is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity, lacking the systems, experience and capital – these properties are trapped as ‘too big for flippers, too small for developers’

Terra Capital was founded to bridge these two divides. We terraform underappreciated assets, bringing developer-grade strategies to achieve strong outcomes at scale. We then aggregate our assets into portfolios that have the size, stability and yield that larger investment firms are looking for.

Deliver outsized returns with limited downside risk in real estate. Be a part of the revitalization process of core neighborhoods in growing markets. Deliver best-in-class modern amenities in classic buildings to our residents.

Terraformed properties across every long-term growth market in the US. Ingrained partnerships and deep vendor relationships in each market. Veteran team delivering value to sellers, partners and communities across the country.

Terra’s Microdevelopment Strategy

We are value-add construction managers at our core. The Terra team has 20+ years of combined real estate development experience, and has ground-up developed, redeveloped or renovated more than 2,000 units across the country.

Our team has pioneered the Terra Microdevelopment Strategy which allows us to bring our extensive know-how to bear on small and midsized projects.

It all starts with our people – we groom local contractors, partner with best-in-class specialists and consult local rental agents on each renovation. Our personnel are market-specific, ensuring that finished units match local taste and expectations. Each vendor works across multiple Terra projects, creating long term relationships and a team environment.

Contracted accountability – Terra contracts are structured so that the entire team has skin in the game. Underperformance leads to lower profit for everyone, and there are significant opportunities for our partners to earn more when they outperform their targets.  We believe that we are at our best when incentives are aligned.

In Budget, on time and quality work – Terra Capital managers are there every step of the way, with bi-weekly check-ins and site visits built into renovation schedules. Our team is proactive on delays and overruns, helping to optimize outcomes and give direction where needed.



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