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Month: June 2023

EP64: Mini Multifamily Investing with Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins shares his expertise in making wise decisions and staying grounded in this episode of the I Own It Podcast. He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Terra Capital, focusing on investment strategies that deliver outsized private capital returns

Single-Family Roll-Ups: Where Multifamily Began

For multifamily real estate investors, learning about the strategies that shaped today’s investment landscape can be incredibly valuable; providing context behind current investment options as well as useful tips to help you make the most out of your real estate

270: There’s Great Opportunity With 2 – 15 Unit Multifamily Buildings

In the world of multifamily, few operators are scaling with 2-15 unit buildings. These are too large for most ma and pa operators and too small for larger syndicators.

397. A Conversation with Tom Higgins on Mindset and Jiu-jitsu

Want to conquer your fears and push past your limitations? Today, we’re talking to Tom Higgins about the habits and mindset necessary to make progress toward your goals.