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Roll up strategy

Comprehensive Inspection Checklist

During our standardized due diligence process, our team and hired professionals examine every property. All properties are professionally inspected for issues: foundational, geotechnical, environmental, structural, waterproofing, rot, mold, roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Interior finishes, exterior envelope, pets, and appliances

Rigorous Estimation Process

Terra’s Inhouse Team has estimated hundreds of value add and distressed renovation projects. Each project we identify during the acquisition process is estimated three times prior to closing: ROM Pricing, Level 1 Pricing, and Level 2 Pricing which have historically been at or above our final renovation contract price. Each project builds in additional contingency for items that were not accounted for during the Due Diligence and Estimating Process.

Renovated to Terra’s Property Standards

Renovate to Terra’s proven investment property standards. Each property we acquire goes through the same process to maximize the finished product, minimize construction spending and optimize operational efficiency. Our team focuses on the important items, and systematically maintains quality control across every project.

Optimize Property maintenance and utility efficiency

Our team specifically focuses on direct metering or submeter each unit; often this will require the comprehensive replacement of the electrical, plumbing, and gas infrastructure to successfully divide the property utilities. Softscape areas are examined for potential hard scaping to reduce ongoing maintenance

Marketing & Leasing

Post-construction properties are professionally cleaned, photographed, videotaped, virtually staged, exterior signage installed, and listed on the market-specific leading listing platforms by our professional in-house leasing team to make sure we have high credit tenants in our target demographics

Asset Management Team

Our experienced and hands-on asset management team ensures the property is being professionally managed, maintained, and being efficiently ran

Terra Capital

Forbes Real Estate Council

"In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, the base level is physiological needs. These are described as air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing and reproduction. Housing is a foundational, basic human need and will always be."